A boutique resort & events venue
in the Jerusalem mountains

A boutique resort & events venue
in the Jerusalem mountains

Experiencing the Alps close to Jerusalem

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Boutique Resort & Events Complex: Nature's Oasis near Jerusalem

Nestled amidst flourishing vegetation in the wild, natural landscape of Ein Kerem Mountains, amid erratic springs and blooming almonds, anemones, and primroses, lies the recreation and hospitality complex.

Surrounded by trees and offering a spectacular green horizon, the complex is a short drive from Jerusalem, providing a sense of primordial air between the mountain ranges on its western side.

Experience a beautiful fusion of greenery and water in this close-to-Jerusalem location, within walking distance of enchanting spring trails hidden among pine and cypress trees, painting the mountains in vibrant shades of green.

Rural Accommodation Complex

A peaceful rural accommodation villa featuring spacious guest rooms.

VIP complex

Enhanced Lodging: Experience our Newly Renovated Villa

Why choose accommodation at Sapphire?

Family vacation close to Jerusalem

Family vacation near trails and springs

A weekend family vacation in the landscape

Our Services

Full board Half board You can order strictly kosher breakfast and dinner

What is in the complex?

5 bedrooms

24 Jewish guest beds

Yard & sitting area

An improved and open yard with a lush green landscape looming on all sides.

Spacious living room

A large table and a variety of seating areas

Equipped kitchen

A strictly kosher kitchen, equipped with an oven, meat/dairy sinks, a refrigerator in Shabbat mode and a Shabbat plate.

Relaxing pool

Heated pool. Sun loungers. Lounge chairs and jacuzzi.

Gas grill

Two massive new grills.

Boutique events in Sapphire

Parties & Birthdays

Sheva Brachot

Formation & association days

Special events in a unique setting

Pool events can be booked with a private chef and producer who will prepare the event from start to finish.

What is close by?

Ein Kerem Market

Ein Kerem hiking trails

Sonol gas station

Golda ice cream

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